The Project

The Nemica project focuses on the development of high temperature programmable logic and non-volatile memory’s based on Nano-Relay technology. The project will aim to develop and accurately record the results and a viable NEMS prototype for use with a servo-actuator from its partner Moog. Novel programmable devices based on NEMs relays will be developed through its partner University of Bristol and fabricated through the University of Southampton. Microsemi will address the electronic system integration and assembly of the high temperature electronic modules.

Project Outcomes

The project will test a real life high temperature product, that has been manufactured with the new processes, and demonstrate its capability for 175°C and 225°C operation. We hope to use this technology to improve efficiency and the effect on our environment through high temperature systems that have:

a. Faster system response times - e.g. enhances fuel economy from engines.
b. Reduced size, wiring and weight – no long wires or separate modules.
c. Higher Noise Immunity – due to short connections, close amplification and signal conditioning

Our Partners
Microsemi MOOG University of Bristol University of Southampton Innovate UK